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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Repairs

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Living in Florida is popular because of its sunny days and warm weather, especially during the autumn and winter months. But life here requires certain systems in your home to function optimally all year round. One of these systems is vital to living comfortably in the south: your air conditioning unit.

Having a well-maintained AC unit in your home is necessary not only for comfortable Florida living, but it’s also a requirement for children and mature residents. Without proper climate control in your home, it can become unbearably warm and possibly even dangerous if a person’s health is already compromised.

32 Degrees Heating & Air has made it our mission to help Central Florida residents maintain a safe, comfortable environment for you and your family. We often receive questions about the proper maintenance of your home’s air conditioning system and answer these queries below.

What Do I Need to Know About AC Repair?

Many factors can compromise even the newest units and cause a need for AC repairs. Long periods of extreme temperatures that occur frequently in Florida can take a toll on your air conditioning system, no matter how advanced it is. Severe weather can also cause damage. Heavy rains for an extended period can leave your outdoor unit waterlogged and in need of draining, depending on how it’s been placed on your property.

Storms can also cause damage by throwing debris around. Since your AC unit is outside, it is vulnerable to falling limbs, twigs, and leaves accumulating on top of and inside your unit. Regular AC maintenance is necessary to look inside the system and make sure it is cleaned out.

A qualified HVAC system repair expert knows what to look for when servicing your system and can remove all impediments to your unit not running optimally. They can also make smaller repairs quickly before neglect turns them into expensive ones.

Signing a service contract with an air conditioning company with proper experience and expertise can save you from these budget-busting events. Most reputable AC companies offer individualized contracts to suit your budget.

How Long Do AC Repairs Take?

Service calls for repairs will vary depending on what issues need to be addressed. If the problem is quickly diagnosed, repairs can be made in an hour or so. If it takes longer to find the problem or it’s a larger damage issue, it could take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to a few days.

Common Problems

Your AC unit is making strange sounds while running: banging noises or buzzing sounds could be as simple as replacing a broken belt. This is solved within a couple of hours. A trained technician can fix this issue quickly and it is recommended to do so before collateral damage creates more expensive problems.

Broken or damaged compressors: If your AC unit isn’t blowing cold enough air or cool air at all, this could be the problem. It’s a more complex issue that may take a whole day or two to fix. The proper parts may or may not be on hand for your particular unit. If the parts must be ordered there will be a slight delay in fully repairing your unit.

Cracks in the ductwork: In older houses, this can be the issue for a system not working optimally. This is the type of repair requiring a longer timeframe to find the ductwork with the leak and repair it. Reputable AC repair companies will also repair any areas in walls that have been opened up to reach the damaged ductwork.

Filling up refrigerant: If your air conditioning system is making a bubbling sound or the air isn’t as cool as it should be your unit may be low on refrigerant. Refrigerant allows the air flowing through your home to be super-cooled. This type of repair generally takes only a few hours.

What Happens if AC is Not Serviced?

Air conditioning systems must be maintained to function well, like any other major system in your home. Sitting outside, your AC unit becomes dirty from dirt and sand being blown into it. Your AC also pulls dust from your home into the vents and filters, causing them to become dirty or clogged.

When this happens you’re forced to set your thermostat lower and lower to maintain the same temperature as before because it isn’t functioning optimally. This will increase your energy bill. If it is allowed to run this way over a long period, you’ll be paying a lot more than you’d like to maintain the same comfortable temperature inside the home.

AC Service Contracts

A maintenance contract with a reputable AC company is the best way to avoid costly repairs and high energy bills. Your air conditioning system will also enjoy a longer life with servicing at regular quarterly intervals.

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